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Christine Warren, musical director


About Us:

Our music director


Christine Warren has been highly involved in music all her life. She has played violin with this orchestra for 9 years. Her ambition is to be a professional conductor, and she is currently a student at WSU, with plans to continue to a Master's program.

The orchestra

orchestra at concertThe Celebration Chamber Orchestra is a community orchestra located in Davis County, UT. Our mission is: To celebrate life through music and to improve our communities by providing their citizens opportunities to participate in great music.

The Celebration Chamber Orchestra—currently sponsored by Layton City, UT—was originally formed as a community orchestra in 1992 as a Sterling Scholar project with sponsorship from the Farmington Performing Arts Committee.

Over the years, the Orchestra has been invited to play for many private and public gatherings, including the Christmas on Temple Square Concert Series, the Festival of the Trees, the Brigham Young Historical Park Concert Series, and the televised Pearl Awards. The Orchestra has also performed at the Utah State Fair, the Davis County Fair, many assisted living centers, and performs a well-attended annual Messiah sing-along each December at the Kaysville Tabernacle.